String Sage is a Pellux Network service for rhythm game Custom DLC (CDLC). Along with a forum and a fully featured database with search, we also have storage available for all the CDLC you've made and would like to share.

String Sage offers a secure user database and SSL certificate for encrypted traffic on all pages for security. Using updated, industry-standard frameworks we are able to provide a modern, quick, and responsive site.

As CDLC files are relatively small and in the interest of site performance, download speeds are capped. If you want faster downloads and/or want to download many files at once, our premium tiers offer uncapped downloads, and the Plus and Pro tier have both uncapped downloads and bulk download.

As these services are not free to run, we have decided to add some paid tiers for added conveniences and features to fund the site. You can also donate directly in the footer if you'd like to support future development.

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